Credit Accounts

Material may be purchased at all Alpha Locations using cash, check, credit card, or credit account. Having a credit account gives qualified customers the convenience of signing for material at the time it is picked up or delivered. Customers then receive an invoice in the mail for orders that were picked up each week. The terms on all credit accounts are Net 30 days. Additionally, Alpha’s computer system is able to generate a list of authorized signers for each account. When an order is created, our sales person will be able to confirm that the person ordering the material is authorized to do so. To submit an Authorized Signers List, or to maintain an existing list, please contact our Credit Department.

Alpha Electric Supply Co. offers attractive trade credit of various limits to qualifying customers. If you are interested in opening an account with us please complete the following credit application form and, depending on which branch you would like to open your account, please send it to:

Branch Direct Line Email Fax

Maui Office

Attention Credit Dept.

808-270-0712 808-270-0748

Kona Office

Attention Credit Dept.

808-329-2220 808-326-7715

Hilo Office

Attention Credit Dept.

808-961-6344 808-961-5233

Oahu Office

Attention Credit Dept.

808-422-4400 808-422-4302

Kauai Office

Attention Credit Dept.

808-240-4231 808-821-0372