Commercial Meter Stacks

Etn MainCirBrkr 1



Main Circuit Breakers

Eaton’s main circuit breakers are part of the main service modules used as service entrance equipment and housed in a rainproof enclosure. Eaton offers both main fusible switch and main circuit breaker group metering mains with busway connections allowing you to have multi-tenant metering in high-rise apartment buildings where riser busway is used. Select 3-phase, 400–200A main circuit breakers or 3-phase, 400–800A main fusible switches with aluminum or copper bus.



  • Two-pole breakers are 120/240 Vac, field installed
  • Three-pole breakers are 208Y/120 Vac, field installed
  • Bolt-on type circuit breakers used with 35MM and 35SS (single-phase modular metering stacks)
  • Bolt-on type circuit breakers used with 37MM and 37SS (three-phase modular metering stacks)