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Meter Breakers

Eaton’s complete line of meter breakers are combination service entrance devices that meet virtually all electrical utility requirements. Designed with the electrician in mind, they have ample room for wiring and easy mounting


Eaton’s Residential Meter Breakers are service entrance equipment systems that consist of a single meter socket and load center (circuit breaker distribution section) or meter socket and main breaker combined in one

Residential Meter Breakers

House Panels

Eaton’s House Panel service entrance devices consist of a meter socket and a distribution section. They offer fast, easy and safe installation. Available in CH and BR styles. In addition to residential installations, a house panel can also be used for an apartment, condominium, clubhouse or common area.

House Panels

Comm Safety Sockets

Commercial Safety Sockets are typically used where a single meter socket or single meter socket with a distribution section are needed. These areas could include a commercial business, commercial office building, individual retail facility or signs and street lighting.

Commercial Safety Sockets