Load Centers and Circuit Breakers

The main function of a loadcenter (i.e., breaker box, fuse box) is to take electricity supplied by the utility and distribute it throughout the home to feed lights and receptacles. Eaton designs and manufactures loadcenters and circuit breakers that provide reliable power breaking and circuit protection.

Also called a breaker box, electrical box or even a fuse box, Eaton’s CH 3/4-inch load centers enclose CH circuit breakers for power distribution and protection in residential and light commercial applications. They are used on services providing no more than 240 Vac and are available with bus rated 40-600A.

Eaton’s BR 1″ load centers house branch circuit breakers and wiring for individual circuits. They are value-engineered to be used as main breakers for service entrances or main lugs for additional circuits on existing service.

Eaton’s circuit breakers provide premium protection from wires overheating.

Eaton’s BR Circuit Breakers are used in load centers, panelboards, or similar devices.

Eaton’s solar power centers combine both utility power and solar photovoltaic (PV) power into one enclosure. Solar power centers can be applied as a component of a complete PV electrical system.

BR 3 Phase Load Ctr

BR 3 Phase Load Ctr

Eaton’s Type BR 3-phase load center product line is a reliable solution for light commercial projects where the flexibility of plug-on branch breakers is specified.

Eaton’s CH 1″ Surge Load Centers are fully integrated devices that protect against surges with a factory-mounted and wired surge suppressor device that lets users view status indication lights as it helps protect sensitive home electronic